Cosmetic Dentistry

At Issaquah Dental Care in Issaquah, WA, we love helping our patients get the most out of their smiles. We offer a range of cosmetic services from minor touchups to full smile makeovers — and everything in between! Give us a call today or book online to schedule a consultation and get started!

Traditional Braces

If your teeth are crooked, we can help! We offer full-service orthodontic care and can fit you for braces to get your teeth straightened and in alignment. This can dramatically improve the appearance of your smile, and also contribute to your overall oral health by eliminating awkward nooks and crannies where bacteria can congregate.

Zoom Teeth Whitening

Perfect for bringing out the most in your smile, the Zoom whitening system can dramatically improve the appearance of your teeth by making them up to nine shades whiter in a single visit. Stronger and safer than anything you can buy over the counter, Zoom whitening takes less than an hour and provides lasting results.


If you want to transform the appearance of your smile, veneers are the go-to solution. Made from porcelain that mimics the look of healthy, natural teeth, veneers cover the fronts of your existing teeth, hiding any imperfections behind a beautiful, customizable facade. If you’ve ever seen someone on television and thought, “Wow, what a great smile,” know this — that person is almost certainly wearing veneers. Now, you can too!


Bonding is a technique that allows us to quickly fix minor cosmetic imperfections. Using tooth-colored dental composite material, we can fill in or cover over small cracks and chips in your teeth, touching up your appearance for lasting results. 

Smile Makeover

If your mouth is in bad shape, you’ve come to the right place! Our team can perform a full smile makeover, completely restoring the appearance of your smile. Typically, we use a combination of cosmetic techniques, along with dental implants, to give you a beautiful new look. You’ll be amazed at the results!

Technology-Based Dentistry Meets
Old-School Dedication!

At Issaquah Dental Care, we offer a cutting-edge approach to dentistry that incorporates the latest advances in dental technology. But we’re not all flash, either — our dentists also bring an old-school grit and dedication to your well-being to the table. Book your appointment online or call today!
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