Family Dentistry

Welcome to Issaquah Dental Care in Issaquah, WA! We provide family dental services for patients of all ages and care deeply about helping you and your loved ones achieve optimal oral health. Our friendly team is here to help with everything from routine cleanings to dental emergencies and looks forward to meeting you. Book your appointment online or call today!

Cleanings & Exams

Routine dental cleanings help keep your mouth healthy and prevent bigger problems like gum disease or cavities from occurring in the first place. We recommend scheduling a cleaning every six months to keep your dental health on track. We’ll remove the plaque and tartar that build up over time and perform a thorough dental exam.

iTero® Technology

Our practice utilizes iTero digital technology to streamline the process of taking dental impressions. Instead of relying on messy dental putty, iTero captures rapid imaging of the mouth – capable of producing a three-dimensional view of the teeth, bite, or entire dental arch in minutes. This small, handheld device is inserted into the mouth and guided by our dental professionals. As we use the scanner, you can actually see the images uploaded to our monitor in real-time! When you visit us for Invisalign, veneers, a mouthguard, or anything that would typically require traditional impressions, you will benefit from an efficient and speedy experience, thanks to iTero.

Gum Disease Therapy

Gum disease occurs when your gums become infected with bacteria. This can result from a lack of good hygiene habits, but also has genetic risk factors. Symptoms may be mild at first, but can include bleeding and inflamed gums and get progressively worse over time. We perform what’s called a deep cleaning or a root scaling and planing to help treat gum disease and prevent it from spreading further.


Your wisdom teeth, or third molars, are located at the back of your mouth, behind your other molars. They are the last teeth to develop, typically in your late teens or early twenties. If they become infected, cause overcrowding, or become impacted, we recommend removing them. Our team will make sure that you’re comfortable and then extract your wisdom teeth as gently and efficiently as possible.

Nightguards & Mouthguards

We make custom-fitted dental appliances to protect your teeth from grinding while you sleep or from contact during sports. Each mouthguard or nightguard is designed to fit your specific mouth and provides a higher level of comfort and protection than something you buy over the counter. 

Emergency Dentistry

If you’re having a dental emergency, we’re here to help you. Call our office right away and our team will fit you in as soon as possible.

Your Oral Health Is Our Top Priority

At Issaquah Dental Care, we care deeply about your well-being and do our best to provide the high-quality dental care you deserve. We invite you to call our office today to schedule your appointment or book online now. We look forward to meeting you!

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