Dental Fillings

Dental fillings are used to repair and restore teeth damaged by cavities, preserving both their function and appearance.

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Dental Fillings

At Issaquah Dental Care, we are proud to offer exceptional dental fillings to restore the health and functionality of your teeth. With our commitment to excellence and advanced techniques, our skilled dental team provides top-quality dental fillings that blend seamlessly with your natural teeth. Whether you have a cavity, minor tooth damage, or need to replace an old filling, we have the expertise to deliver outstanding results.

During the dental filling procedure, our skilled dentists employ precise techniques to remove the decayed or damaged tooth structure. We take great care to preserve as much healthy tooth structure as possible, ensuring the long-term strength and integrity of your tooth. Once the tooth is prepared, we meticulously place and shape the dental filling material, ensuring a secure and natural fit. We utilize advanced curing techniques to harden the filling material, resulting in a strong and durable restoration.

After your dental filling is placed, our dentists will perform a bite adjustment to ensure proper occlusion and comfort. We take the time to evaluate the aesthetics and functionality of the restored tooth, making any necessary refinements to achieve optimal results. We provide thorough post-treatment care instructions, including guidance on oral hygiene practices and dietary considerations, to help you maintain the longevity of your dental filling.

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How Tooth Colored Fillings Work

1. Treatment Planning and Discussion

  • Explanation of the treatment options available based on the examination findings.
  • Discussion of different types of dental fillings (such as amalgam, composite, ceramic, or gold) and their respective benefits and considerations.
  • Detailed explanation of the chosen filling material, its properties, durability, aesthetics, and suitability for the specific tooth.
2. Local Anesthesia Administration

  • Administration of local anesthesia to ensure a painless and comfortable treatment experience.
  • Discussion of the numbing sensation and its duration.
  • Addressing any concerns or questions regarding anesthesia.
3. Tooth Preparation

  • Removal of decayed or damaged tooth structure using dental instruments, such as drills or lasers, ensuring preservation of healthy tooth structure.
  • Shaping and cleaning of the cavity to create an ideal environment for the dental filling.
4. Filling Placement

  • Selection and placement of the appropriate dental filling material based on the treatment plan.
  • Layered placement of the filling material, ensuring proper adaptation and contouring to restore natural tooth shape and functionality.
  • Curing or hardening of the filling material using a specialized light or other techniques.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are tooth-colored fillings?
Tooth-colored fillings, also known as composite fillings, are dental restorations made of a mixture of tooth-colored plastic and glass particles. They are used to repair teeth that have decayed or suffered minor damage.
How do tooth-colored fillings differ from traditional silver amalgam fillings?
Tooth-colored fillings blend seamlessly with the natural color of the tooth, providing a more aesthetically pleasing result compared to silver amalgam fillings. They are also metal-free and require less removal of healthy tooth structure.
Are tooth-colored fillings as durable as silver fillings?
Yes, tooth-colored fillings are durable and suitable for restoring teeth in both front and back areas of the mouth. They are designed to withstand normal biting forces.
How are tooth-colored fillings placed?
The process involves removing the decayed or damaged portion of the tooth, cleaning the area, and then applying layers of the composite material. Each layer is cured with a special light, and the final filling is shaped and polished for a natural appearance.
Are tooth-colored fillings suitable for all cavities?
In most cases, tooth-colored fillings can be used for small to medium-sized cavities. Your dentist will evaluate the size and location of the cavity to determine the most appropriate restoration.
Do tooth-colored fillings require special care?
No special care is needed. Tooth-colored fillings can be cared for like natural teeth, with regular brushing, flossing, and dental check-ups.
Do tooth-colored fillings stain over time?
Tooth-colored fillings are resistant to staining, but some discoloration may occur over an extended period. Good oral hygiene practices can help maintain their appearance.
Can tooth-colored fillings be used to replace old silver fillings?
Yes, tooth-colored fillings can be used to replace old silver fillings for both cosmetic and functional reasons. Your dentist can discuss the options based on your individual needs.
Are tooth-colored fillings more expensive than silver fillings?
While the cost of tooth-colored fillings may be slightly higher, many patients find the aesthetic benefits and metal-free composition to be well worth the investment.
How long do tooth-colored fillings last?
With proper care, tooth-colored fillings can last for many years. Regular dental check-ups are essential to monitor their condition and address any issues promptly.
Can tooth-colored fillings be used for front teeth?
Yes, tooth-colored fillings are an excellent choice for front teeth due to their natural appearance. They can effectively restore the aesthetics and function of the tooth.
Are tooth-colored fillings covered by dental insurance?
Many dental insurance plans cover tooth-colored fillings. Our staff can assist in verifying insurance coverage and discussing any out-of-pocket expenses.

Disclaimer: Please note that the provided information above is based on general knowledge, and it's always recommended to consult with our dentists at Issaquah Dental Care for personalized advice and recommendations regarding your or your child's specific dental needs and conditions. For any questions or concerns, please call our Issaquah dentist office at (425) 557-6453.

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